Silk Chiffon Scarves

For the love of ships and the sea • Luxurious Silk Chiffon Scarves and Wraps • Images of weather-worn hulls of ships •  Elegant resort wear • Veils of the Seven Seas • Sheer silk of luxurious size •  Advanced fabric printing process •  Radiant colors • Hand-washable • Wrinkle resistant • Hand-rolled hems • Made in Thailand under supervision of the artist.

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  1. Bullet503-FOOT-A2C/Foothills

505-PELE-A2C/Peles Gold

  1. Bullet504-PISC-A2C/Pisces Dream

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506-SURF-A2C/Surfer Dude

Only a dozen of each of these luxurious 18x60” designs

were in existence.  An excellent art purchase at $240 each